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Growing a business is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful and more fun. With the most ruthlessly effective platform for rapidly scaling businesses on planet earth.

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About us


GIFS Media is a PPC Digital Marketing agency with offices in Manchester and London. Discover how our intelligent, data-driven SEO and PPC campaigns have helped our clients achieve success around the world.

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What we do

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We’re already helping some of the UK’s best-known brands and high-growth companies to make the most of their marketing budget, thru PPC and SEO. With offices in Manchester and London, we’re an agency that is well placed to support businesses across the UK and beyond.

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We are a trusted digital marketing company that specializes in Google Facebook Instagram PPC and SEO, our clients have seen signifcant ROAS thru our bespoke methods.

whatever you need

We can create, develop and design whatever you need.

  • Google PPC
  • Digital Marketing Stratgey
  • SEO Consultancy
  • Digital PR and Content
  • Google Analytics and GMB
  • Facebook and Instagram PPC
  • A/B Testing

Our Brands

SOme of the Brands we have worked with.

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GIFS Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that can help your business grow in any industry. We have experience working with all types of businesses, and we can create a custom plan that will help you reach your goals. Contact us today to get started! 

which digital marketing agency is the best fit for your business??

There are so many agencies out there that claim they can help you achieve your goals, but how do you know which ones are actually worth your time and money? GIFS Media has been in the business of delivering successful digital marketing campaigns.

We have a proven track record of success and we're proud to have won industry recognised awards. We understand what it takes to deliver results for our clients and we're confident that we can help you achieve your goals too.We have a range of services available to our clients depending on what your goals are.

We can create a new website for you or we can completely take over the digital side of your business so that you get more customers and boost sales. We can work with just about any budget and our success means that we're also very competitively priced.It's tough to find a good digital marketing agency that can help your business grow. There are countless digital marketing agencies out there, and it's hard to know which one is the right fit for you. You could spend hours researching different marketing agencies, or you could just contact us and we'll recommend the best product for your specific needs.

We've got more to offer

We are also happy to help you with:



We have a team of in house coders, that specialize in Java, HTML, Phyton, Linux and C++

social media influencers

Instagram and Tik tok

We can arrange for specialized advertising thru our soical media influencers which could target more clients for your business.

app Development

apps for IOS and Android

Thinking of making a really cool app, our tech department can help with range of apps no idea is to big.