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At Gifs Media, we thrive on collaborative success. Our diverse team unites, fueling innovative ideas and elevating projects through partnership. Together, we achieve collective excellence, propelling both our work and our clients' projects to new heights.


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Our Mission

We thrive to help our clients have impact

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Our Values

The core values behind our work

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At Gifs Media, we uphold a steadfast commitment to accountability in all our interactions and processes. We hold ourselves responsible for the commitments we make, ensuring reliability and consistency in delivering on our promises. By embracing ownership of our actions and decisions, we foster a culture of trust and confidence with our clients, partners, and team members. We believe in transparent communication and measurable results, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations set before us. Our pledge is to be answerable not only for our successes but also for our challenges, viewing each as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

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Team Work

At Gifs Media, we recognize that the bedrock of our success is built on the power of collaboration. We celebrate and harness the diverse talents of our team, fostering an environment where ideas can cross-pollinate and flourish. United in our goals, we approach each project with a spirit of partnership, supporting one another to achieve excellence. We believe that collective effort translates into collective success, and we are committed to working together in harmony, respecting each individual’s contribution. This synergy not only enhances our work atmosphere but also propels our clients’ projects to new heights, delivering outcomes that only a tightly-knit, cohesive team can achieve.

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Innovation is the lifeblood of Gifs Media. We thrive on pushing the boundaries of the digital marketing landscape by fostering a culture where ingenuity and forward-thinking are not just encouraged—they're expected. Our commitment to innovation means we're continually evolving, experimenting with cutting-edge technologies, and developing novel approaches that set our clients apart in crowded markets. We value the curiosity that drives us to explore the unknown and the courage to implement new ideas. This pursuit of innovation ensures that we not only anticipate the needs of tomorrow but also create the trends that shape the future of marketing.

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At Gifs Media, our ethos is rooted in the impeccable execution of our strategies and ideas. We understand that even the most groundbreaking concepts require meticulous and skilled implementation to succeed. Our approach is systematic and detail-oriented, ensuring every campaign we launch is executed with precision and fineship. We pride ourselves on turning plans into action and visions into realities, all while navigating the complexities of the digital world with agility and finesse. By combining strategic planning with flawless execution, we guarantee not just to meet the targets but to deliver excellence that adds value to our clients' businesses and leaves a lasting impact.

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Commitment is the cornerstone of Gifs Media’s philosophy. Our unwavering dedication is evident in every project we undertake and every relationship we build. We are committed to our clients' visions, investing ourselves fully to turn their ambitions into tangible successes. Our pledge is to persevere through challenges, adapting with resilience and resolve. We set high standards for ourselves and persist with tenacity until our objectives are not just met, but surpassed. At Gifs Media, commitment means a relentless pursuit of excellence and a promise to deliver nothing less than our best, in every task, every day.

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At Gifs Media, growth is a multifaceted commitment. We prioritize the advancement and scaling of our clients’ businesses, understanding that their growth is our success. Our strategies are designed to not only meet current market demands but also to anticipate future trends, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve. We foster growth within our team, too, encouraging continuous professional development and the nurturing of new skills to meet the evolving needs of the digital landscape. By embracing change, seeking out new opportunities, and learning from each challenge, we ensure that Gifs Media and our partners grow together in strength, stature, and success.

Our offices

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Your journey to digital excellence starts here. Connect with Gifs Media to unlock the full potential of your brand. Reach out for a consultation or just to chat about your marketing aspirations:

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New York, NY

5365 Meadows Rd
Dewittville, New York, 14728

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Media City, Manchester


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London, UK

70 Windsor Road
London SE12 5QB

Our Team

‍Meet the visionary duo at the helm of Gifs Media: Khilen and Shah. Their story began long before the inception of the company, rooted in a childhood friendship that blossomed over shared ambitions and a mutual passion for marketing.

With a bond fortified through 15 years in the trenches of the marketing world, they've honed their skills, intuition, and understanding of what businesses truly need to thrive in the digital age.

Two years ago, they took the leap to harness their collective experience and insights, founding Gifs Media. Their goal was clear: to create a marketing firm that not only delivered results but also built lasting relationships based on trust, innovation, and excellence.

Khilen brings to the table a creative zeal that transforms conventional marketing into a fine art, while Shah offers the analytical acumen to navigate the complexities of digital strategy.

Together, they are a powerhouse, driving Gifs Media to new heights and shaping the futures of the brands they work with.Join Khilen, Shah, and the rest of our dedicated team, as we take your brand on a transformative journey toward growth and success.

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