How we increased LinkedIn web app user retention by 22%

How we increased LinkedIn web app user retention by 22%

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How we increased LinkedIn web app user retention by 22%

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Project overview

Challenge: Despite successful user acquisition strategies, the LinkedIn web app was experiencing lower-than-desired user retention rates. The challenge was to not only attract users but to significantly improve the stickiness of the app to retain them long-term.

Objective: To increase user retention by 22%, ensuring that the LinkedIn web app becomes a habitual platform for professional networking, job searching, and industry thought leadership.

Project execution

Gifs Media's Strategy:

  1. User Behavior Analysis: Dived deep into app usage data to understand where and why users were dropping off.
  2. User Experience (UX) Optimization:
  3. Implemented UX/UI improvements based on user feedback and behavior analytics.
  4. Streamlined the onboarding process to make the initial app interaction as engaging and intuitive as possible.
  5. Personalized Content Delivery:
  6. Utilized data to curate and push personalized content and recommendations to users.
  7. Developed algorithms to notify users about relevant job postings, connections, and professional development opportunities.
  8. Engagement Campaigns:
  9. Introduced targeted in-app campaigns focused on feature discovery to educate users about lesser-known but valuable app functionalities.
  10. Rolled out regular, contextually relevant communications via email and push notifications to re-engage inactive users.
  11. Community Building Initiatives:
  12. Enhanced features that enable networking and community engagement among users.
  13. Organized virtual events and webinars exclusive to app users to increase community involvement.
  14. LinkedIn Ads Integration:
  15. Used LinkedIn’s ad platform to retarget users with personalized ad content based on their app activity and interests.
  16. A/B tested ad creatives and messaging to determine the most effective content for re-engagement.
  17. Incentive Programs:
  18. Developed a reward system for active app users, encouraging continued engagement and regular usage.
  19. Feedback Loop:
  20. Implemented a system for collecting and acting on user feedback, demonstrating commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Project results


  • The optimization of the user experience led to a smoother onboarding flow and improved first impressions, contributing to an immediate lift in retention metrics.
  • Personalized content and job recommendations significantly increased user engagement and time spent in the app.
  • Engagement campaigns and LinkedIn ad integrations effectively brought back lapsed users and converted them into active ones.
  • Community-building efforts and incentive programs fostered a sense of belonging among users, making the LinkedIn web app an integral part of their professional routine.
  • Overall, the strategic improvements and initiatives led to a 22% increase in user retention for the LinkedIn web app.


Gifs Media's holistic approach to the LinkedIn web app’s user retention challenge not only achieved the objective of increasing retention by 22% but also created a more vibrant, engaged, and loyal user base. By focusing on personalized experiences, community engagement, and a constant feedback loop, the LinkedIn web app has set a new standard for user retention in professional networking apps.

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