How we increased sign up rate by 11% on Twitch homepage

How we increased sign up rate by 11% on Twitch homepage

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How we increased sign up rate by 11% on Twitch homepage

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Project overview

Client: Twitch Streamer

Challenge: Twitch's homepage was seeing substantial traffic but wasn't converting as many visitors into sign-ups as anticipated. The platform sought to increase the user sign-up rate to expand its vibrant community of gamers, creators, and viewers.

Objective: The primary goal was to enhance the sign-up conversion rate on the Twitch homepage by making it more appealing and reducing friction in the sign-up process.

Project execution

  1. User Experience Audit: Conducted a comprehensive review of the existing homepage, analyzing user interactions and identifying barriers to conversion.
  2. A/B Testing: Implemented various A/B tests on call-to-action buttons, sign-up forms, and messaging to determine which variations resonated most with users.
  3. Homepage Redesign:
  4. Visual Enhancements: Introduced dynamic graphics and live previews of popular streams to capture the excitement of the platform.
  5. Simplified Sign-Up: Streamlined the sign-up process to make it quicker and more intuitive.
  6. Personalized Content: Integrated a system to display personalized stream recommendations for new users, incentivizing sign-ups to immediately engage with content.
  7. Social Proof Integration: Added testimonials and success stories from popular Twitch personalities to build credibility and showcase the community aspect.
  8. Real-Time Analytics: Leveraged real-time analytics to monitor user behavior and conversion rates, making immediate adjustments as needed.
  9. Engagement Strategies: Created interactive elements such as live polls and quizzes about user preferences to encourage interactions leading to sign-ups.

Project results


  • The redesign and optimization of the Twitch homepage led to a more engaging first impression for potential new users.
  • The A/B testing informed the effective restructuring of the sign-up funnel, significantly reducing drop-off rates.
  • The introduction of personalized content and social proof elements resulted in a deeper connection with visitors.
  • These strategic changes culminated in an 11% increase in the sign-up rate on the Twitch homepage.


The collaboration between Twitch and Gifs Media yielded a tangible improvement in user engagement and sign-ups. By focusing on user experience, streamlining the sign-up process, and creating an immediately engaging homepage environment, Twitch saw significant growth in its community, reinforcing its position as a leading live streaming platform for gamers and creators.

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