How we increased sign up rate by 56% for Clinic In Newcastle

How we increased sign up rate by 56% for Clinic In Newcastle

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How we increased sign up rate by 56% for Clinic In Newcastle

Project results


Increase in Client Bookings


More Bookings Per Month

Project overview

Client: Newcastle Aesthetic Clinic

Challenge: The clinic was experiencing a significant slump in sales and bookings. Despite offering top-notch services and having a competent team, they were unable to attract and retain a steady stream of clients.

Objective: To rejuvenate the clinic's brand presence, increase customer engagement, and significantly boost sales and bookings.

Project execution

Gifs Media's Strategy:

  1. Market Analysis: Conducted thorough research on local competitors and target demographics to understand the market landscape.
  2. Brand Refresh: Updated the clinic's branding to resonate more effectively with the target audience.
  3. Digital Marketing Overhaul:
  4. Website Redesign: Revamped the website for a more user-friendly experience, optimized for conversions.
  5. Content Strategy: Developed a robust content marketing plan focusing on the clinic's unique selling propositions.
  6. Paid Advertising: Implemented targeted ad campaigns on social media and search engines to reach potential clients actively seeking aesthetic services.
  7. Customer Engagement: Enhanced online engagement through regular newsletters, promotions, and interactive social media campaigns.
  8. Tracking & Analytics: Set up advanced tracking systems to monitor campaign performance and customer behavior.
  9. Continuous Optimization: Used insights from analytics to refine marketing efforts, enhance customer targeting, and improve the overall strategy.

Project Results

  • Within the first six months, the Newcastle Aesthetic Clinic witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic and customer inquiries.
  • The enhanced digital marketing strategy led to a more robust online presence and higher engagement rates on social media platforms.
  • Most notably, the clinic experienced a 55% increase in revenue, driven by a surge in bookings and sales of aesthetic services.


Gifs Media's comprehensive approach and tailored strategies successfully addressed the clinic's challenges, resulting in a remarkable turnaround and setting the clinic on a path of sustained growth and profitability.

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